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Is your child being picked on? The BEST Anti-bully classes near Lafayette are here — try them FREE today!

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There is nothing more dispiriting as a parent than your child coming home and telling you that they have been picked on at school. While verbal abuse can be bad enough, unfortunately picking on a child often escalates to physical confrontation as well. With the right self-defense course, your child will learn the self-confidence needed to stand up to verbal

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Congratulations to our 16 Big and Little Spartans who received promotions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

180312 spartans bjj promotions

It’s been a busy couple weeks for our Big and Little Spartans youth martial arts students. Head coach Moe Johnson, and his team of assistant coaches, have been watching the young martial artists during their Spartans Grappling classes, and sixteen of them have been rewarded for all of their hard work with promotions, including four students who earned new belts!

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Miller Brothers MMA’s Brooke Fahey takes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu medal home to Wantage with another armbar win

180301 brooke gi brazilian jiu jitsu sussex

Opponents of Brooke Fahey may know what to expect when they face off with her, however stopping it is easier said than done. Even when her opponent successfully avoided Brooke’s highly-dangerous guard, she proved that she is dangerous from every position as she went on the offensive from top-half. When her opponent latched onto an attempted kimura from bottom, Brooke

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Dominance at the 2018 Good Fight New York Open from Hopatcong, NJ BJJ student Joe Aumann

180227 bjj joe aumann gi

Joe Aumann came to Miller Brothers MMA and began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu following his career wrestling for Hopatcong, and quickly took to the process of adding submissions and back attacks to his skill set. Competing in his first BJJ competition, Joe was entered into a deep Gi division which required three victories to reach the top of the podium. Joe

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