Brooke Fahey victorious in superfight by Unanimous Decision

171114 brooke

Miller Brothers MMA & Fitness’ young Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu standout Brooke Fahey was back in action this weekend competing in a superfight for the United Grapplers Association. In a No-Gi rematch with Gabby Etzel, who Brooke last faced off with in a Gi match in March which Brooke won on points, Brooke and Gabby once again put on a great show for everyone in attendance with a technical and exciting bout. Brooke spent the majority of the match on the offensive, threatening Gabby with a tight gift-wrap from half guard. Although Gabby’s defense was tight and left few openings, Brooke’s attack was relentless and she nearly ended the match when she locked on a head-and-arm choke and advanced to side-control seeking the finish. Gabby escaped the hold and attempted a guillotine of her own at the buzzer, but Brooke remained calm and patient in defense as she regained top-position to end the bout. With no submission within the distance the bout went to a judge’s decision with both judges and the bout’s ref agreeing that Brooke was the winner.

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