Train with Jim Miller, the UFC’s Most Prolific Submission Fighter

170419 jim subs

Jim Miller is a common feature on major UFC cards — including the distinction of being the only fighter with victories on UFC 100, UFC 200 and UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden – due to his high intensity fighting style which always sees Jim looking to finish the fight. In situations where many fighters would be content to hold on and ride out a win when ahead on the scorecards, Jim is always looking to grab onto a joint lock or sink in a choke. If you’ve always had the feeling Jim is one of the most aggressive grapplers the sport has ever seen you aren’t wrong, and now you have the stats to back it up. Sherdog recently compiled a list of the most prolific submission artists in UFC history and Jim topped the list. His 39 submission attempts rank #1 All-Time in UFC history, eight better than his nearest competition and 11-more than Joe Lauzon’s 28, the second most for any active UFC fighter. To see some of Jim’s submissions in action, check out the highlight below.

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