A membership with Miller Brothers MMA entitles you to access to all of the classes at our facility throughout the week, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA and Ultimate Fitness classes. We have two different mat areas as well as a full MMA cage, offering students a wide variety of training experiences. For students looking to further their progression on a one-to-one level, personal training sessions can also be purchased.

If you are looking for the opportunity for your child to begin a martial art, and learning all of the discipline and respect that comes with it, check out our Little Spartans program. Taught by mixed martial arts competitor Mickey Gall, the class teaches children both grappling and striking techniques, providing students with the skills to defend themselves while emphasizing the important of not using violence as a tool to solve problems.

Our gym includes locker rooms with showers for both men and women so that students wishing to clean off before heading home may do so. In addition, we will shortly be adding weight training and cardio equipment, as well as a sauna and cold tub to provide our students with the full personal fitness experience.

For more information on registration, click here.

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