Congratulations to our 16 Big and Little Spartans who received promotions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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It’s been a busy couple weeks for our Big and Little Spartans youth martial arts students. Head coach Moe Johnson, and his team of assistant coaches, have been watching the young martial artists during their Spartans Grappling classes, and sixteen of them have been rewarded for all of their hard work with promotions, including four students who earned new belts!

Lilly Johnson led the way with her promotion to Yellow Belt, and was joined by one of her primary training partners as Caitlin Frey received her Yellow and White Belt. Another pair of frequent partners also received belts together, with both Lincoln Andres and Anthony Reyes earning their Grey and White Belts.

Everyone at Miller Brothers MMA & Fitness is proud of all of the Spartans who received promotions from coach Moe, but also of the rest of the class for the hard work and dedication we see from all of our Spartans every class. We can’t wait to see the next round of promotions as our young students continue to grow every day.

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Lilly Johnson – Promoted to Yellow Belt
Caitlin Frey – Promoted to Yellow and White Belt
Josh Enberg – Grey and Black Belt, First Stripe
Kristin Frey – Grey and White Belt, Fourth Stripe
Lincoln Andres – Promoted to Grey and White Belt
Anthony Reyes – Promoted to Grey and White Belt
Shaan Balkar – White Belt, Fourth Stripe
Myles Berkowitz – White Belt, Third Stripe
Sophia DeNapoli – White Belt, Third Stripe
Dexter Liddle – White Belt, Third Stripe
Mason Reed – White Belt, Third Stripe
James DeSilver – White Belt, Second Stripe
Connor Frey – White Belt, Second Stripe
Nolan Reed – White Belt, Second Stripe
Noah Ferrer – White Belt, First Stripe
Aubrey Schopper – White Belt, First Stripe

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