Congratulations to our 17 newly promoted Little Spartans

171101 youth bjj promotions

The Big and Little Spartans head coach, Mike Pagano, has once again seen the incredible hard work of our young students and rewarded 16 of our Spartans with their first stripes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and awarded Josh Enberg with a new belt, promoting Josh to Grey-and-Black Belt. Coach Pagano and his assistant coaches always keep a close eye on our Spartans as they practice and always reward that hard work. In addition to Josh, the sixteen students receiving stripes were:

White Belt, Fourth Stripe — Anthony Reyes
White Belt, Third Stripe — Lincoln Andres; Shaan Balkar
White Belt, Second Stripe — Myles Berkowitz; Dexter Liddle
White Belt, First Stripe — Omar Balkar; Rachel Castro; Chase Morrow; River Poindexter; Logan Reed; Mason Reed; Nolan Reed; Eric Ruiz; Gianna Ruiz; Tiffany Ruiz; Owen Vanderhoof

Congratulations to all 17 Spartans on behalf of the entire Miller Brothers MMA team.

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