Vote for the Miller Brothers MMA Fight Team in’s 2017 End of the Year Awards!

171212 awards

2018 is fast approaching, making it time for the sports media world to begin to reflect on the achievements of the past year. Our friends at are holding their 2017 End of the Year awards, and we are proud to announce several nominations for the Miller Brothers MMA Fight Team. The ballot can be found here, and Miller Brothers MMA nominations are:

Fight of the Year: Sean Santella vs. Nate Williams
Submission of the Year: Jim Fitzpatrick armbars Omerao Kellom
Best Amateur Fighter: Jim Fitzpatrick and Joe Tizzano
Best Fighter Outside the UFC Who Should Be Signed: Sean Santella

Elsewhere on the ballot, our friends and training partners Lindsey VanZandt (Best Pro Fighter) and Alec Hooben (Best Knockout) are also nominated.

Thank you for voting and helping our fighters as they look to take home these awards!

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