Coach Mike Pagano excels at 2016 Fort Bragg Combatives Tournament Invitational

161214 bragg

Little Spartans head coach Mike Pagano went back to his military roots last week when he took part in the 2016 Fort Bragg Combatives Tournament Invitational in Fort Bragg, NC. Mike is a Fort Bragg veteran, having served at the base from 2006 to 2011. The event is a three day tournament which begins with grappling, before moving to Pancrase-rules and mixed martial arts bouts.

The opening day of the event was a double-elimination Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament, held in a submission only format with a judges decision in the event of no submissions occurring during the 6-minute bout. Only the day’s top four competitors in each weight class qualified for the Pancrase-rules bouts, and coach Mike made the cut by scoring victories by kimura, armbar, Ezekial choke and decision while avoiding any submissions from his opponents.

The second day of the event saw the semi-final matches contested under Pancrase rules, a style of mixed martial arts where all hand strikes must be open-handed. Mike was victorious in his bout, earning the victory by TKO. Unfortunately, during the bout Mike’s opponent inadvertently scratched Mike’s eye. Although he was victorious, earning the right to compete in the 155 lbs. Championship mixed martial arts bout the following day, doctors ruled that he could not continue due to the eye injury.

Although Mike is disappointed at not getting the chance to finish the tournament the Miller Brothers MMA family extends its heartiest congratulations to Mike for his performance, and expresses its deep gratitude to all of the veterans who competed for their service.

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