Joe Tizzano moves to 3-0 at PA Cage Fight 28

170418 tizzy

Miller Brothers MMA & Fitness’ fight team was back in action at PA Cage Fight 28, with Joe Tizzano leading the way as he improved his record to 3-0. Joe took on Manuel Mirailh and notched a TKO victory for the second consecutive fight.

Joe got the better of the exchanges on the feet, and also used his wrestling experience to take the bout to the ground and attain top position. Once on the ground, Joe quickly moved to side control in the second round and used the position to his full advantage. With amateur MMA rules in Pennsylvania prohibiting strikes to the head of a grounded opponent, Joe instead looked to work his body with punishing knee strikes. The blows, which often saw Joe taking a deep wind-up before firing the strike, clearly took their toll on Mirailh, who looked winded returning to his corner after the round. Sensing an opportunity, Joe picked up where he left off in the final frame, again getting Mirailh to the mat and firing knees to the body until the referee stepped in to put an end to the bout.

Elsewhere on the card, Cristian Santos fought Aaron Kennedy for the PA Cage Fight Amateur Featherweight title. Although Cristian was neck-and-neck with his more-experienced opponent all fight long, the judges ultimately gave a narrow decision to Kennedy. Jim Fitzpatrick was also scheduled to fight on the card, but his opponent was pulled from the bout following weigh-ins due to a failure to pass medicals.

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