Miller Brothers MMA has classes running seven days a week across two mat spaces and an MMA cage, ensuring that there’s something to offer for members of every age and skill level.

Class Schedule – For the class schedule, click here. To reserve a spot in a class this week, click here.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling art made famous around the world by the Gracie family. Both Jim and Dan, as well as head BJJ instructor Sean Santella, are black belts in BJJ under Renzo Gracie black belt Jamie Cruz. Whether you’re putting on a gi for the first time or are an experienced grappler looking to add new tools to his game, Miller Brothers MMA’s coaches have just what you’re looking for. For more on the BJJ program, click here.

Muay Thai – For members looking to pursue the striking arts, Miller Brothers MMA offers training in Muay Thai, an art which utilizes punches and kicks as well as both elbow and knee strikes. Students of the Muay Thai program will train under the tutelage of Amr Ibrahim, who has helped to transform Jim and Dan’s striking during their time in the UFC. For more on our Muay Thai program, click here.

Kids’ Classes – The discipline and camaraderie of martial arts make them an ideal activity for children. Learning under our instructors will help your child to develop a more confident self-image and provide the tools for self-defense as well as the understanding that you should always seek to avoid physical confrontations by treating others with respect. For more on our Kids’ Classes, click here.

Fitness – Participating in martial arts doesn’t have to be all about competing. Our grappling and striking classes are more than just ways to improve your self defense skills, they also are a fun way to get in better shape. If you’re looking for a class entirely geared toward getting fit, our Ultimate Fitness program utilizes the skills and techniques of mixed martial arts to create a high intensity circuit routine which will see you shedding weight and toning up in a hurry. If simply trimming down is more on target for your goals, Cardio Kick Boxing uses punches and kicks to deliver an upbeat and fun cardio workout without the weights and strength-based exercise of the Ultimate Fitness. For more on our Fitness Program, click here.

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