Jon Finocchiaro Promoted to Blue Belt; 12 Earn Stripes

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The hard work of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students is on display on our mats seven days a week, and head Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professor Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella rewarded thirteen students for that hard work with his latest round of promotions. The headlining promotion belonged to Jon Finocchiaro, who received his Blue Belt after coming back from a long layoff due to Lymes Disease. Jon remained dedicated throughout his time on the sidelines, often attending and watching from the benches on the mats’ sidelines when his body wasn’t up for taking class, always seeking to improve even when he couldn’t physically roll. Professor Santella was happy to promote Jon after he returned and showed that his study had paid off, as he hardly missed a beat in his month back on the mats.

Other students receiving promotions were:
Abdel Escalante (Brown Belt, Second Stripe)
Moe Johnson (Brown Belt, First Stripe)
Russ Sullivan (Blue Belt, Second Stripe)
Alex Thebold (Yellow Belt, First Stripe)
Christie Frazier (White Belt, Fourth Stripe)
Steve Krzanowski (White Belt, Third Stripe)
Chris Rago (White Belt, Third Stripe)
Tyler Ferraro (White Belt, Second Stripe)
Emilio Gonzalez (White Belt, First Stripe)
Michael Gonzalez (White Belt, First Stripe)
Katy Liddle (White Belt, First Stripe)
Jessie Reed (White Belt, First Stripe)

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