Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team wins 1st Place at Good Fight New York Open

180209 goodfight

Despite sending a small delegation to compete in the 2018 Good Fight New York Open — just five competitors in Gi, and three in No-Gi — we are pleased to announce the team still finished first overall in Gi, and second in total points across both disciplines. The team was headlined by Joe Aumann, who despite competing in just his first ever BJJ tournament, came home with a pair of Gold medals, taking first place in White Belt in the Gi, and Blue Belt in No-Gi. He was joined by Brian Roth atop the podium as he came home with a gold and a silver from his two Gi divisions. Brooke Fahey was also a double-medalist, taking silver in both the Gi an No-Gi divisions, while both Brian Leahy and Bobby Ingram added silver medals of their own, in Gi and No-Gi respectively.

The strong performances across the board saw the team finish a close second place overall, in addition to winning first place in the Gi division by a large margin, with 2nd place finishing closer to the 5th place team than they did to Miller Brothers MMA & Fitness.

In the event’s morning kids BJJ session, Josh Enberg and Dexter Liddle combined to win three bronze medals, in addition to a gold medal for Dexter in No-Gi who was competing in his first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament!

Congratulations to everyone on the team for performing excellently and representing the gym well!

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