Two new blue belts promoted, 15 stripes awarded at Winter 2017 promotion ceremony

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Here at Miller Brothers MMA & Fitness in Sparta, NJ we continue to be impressed with the work ethic of our students, and head Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professor Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella, along with his assistant coaches, felt it was once again time to reward some of our students for their efforts with a promotion ceremony. After a tough round of warm-ups featuring Shorty’s famous partner-carry workouts and some positional training, the group transitioned into a wrestling takedown gauntlet and finally what everyone was waiting for – the promotions!

Professor Shorty awarded new stripes to 15 of our students, and the night was headlined by the promotions of two of our white belts to blue belts – Mike Amada and Tom Kelly! Both men recently used their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to great effect in competitions, with Mike winning his amateur MMA debut by rear naked choke and Tom winning gold medals in both the Gi and No-Gi divisions of the 2017 Good Fight New York Open.

White Belts
Bryon Savitski – First Stripe
Jason Cummins – Second Stripe
Josue Santos – Third Stripe
Mike Kozlowsky – Fourth Stripe
Aidan Gagg – Yellow & White Belt, Fourth Stripe

Blue Belts
Mike Amada – Promoted to Blue Belt
Tom Kelly – Promoted to Blue Belt
Cristian Santos – First Stripe
Joe Tizzano – First Stripe
Tyler Bayer – Second Stripe
Zach Levy – Second Stripe
Ken Powell – Second Stripe
Rick Shaub – Second Stripe
Ali Ziabakshs– Second Stripe
Rafael Jiminez Jr. – Third Stripe

Purple Belts
Fred Hooey – Third Stripe

Brown Belts
Jim Fitzpatrick – Second Stripe

Check out the action below:

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