Miller Brothers MMA’s Brooke Fahey takes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu medal home to Wantage with another armbar win

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Opponents of Brooke Fahey may know what to expect when they face off with her, however stopping it is easier said than done. Even when her opponent successfully avoided Brooke’s highly-dangerous guard, she proved that she is dangerous from every position as she went on the offensive from top-half. When her opponent latched onto an attempted kimura from bottom, Brooke stayed calm and slowly worked her trapped foot free. Once she was safely into side-control, Brooke jumped at the opportunity to attack, swinging around for the far side armbar and breaking her opponent’s defense. With the arm straightened, her opponent attempted to perform the hitchhiker escape, but Brooke kept the thumb turned to thwart the move and earn the tap, along with a silver medal.

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